• Excellent turf quality in all conditions
  • The LED lighting works on 100% natural pitches and hybrid pitches
  • Appr. 40-50% less energy consumption than the traditional HPS lamps
  • We can create the perfect light spectrum for ideal grass growth, not only growth in length but also in density
  • No added heat because LED light is cold light, so less stress on the grass


‘Maintaining a quality pitch is very important to us. It is also a continuous challenge,’ managing director Jörg Schmadtke of 1st FC Köln points out.

‘The new LED luminaires allow us to take a giant leap.’ The system also contributes to the environment. Compared to the previous technology, we are saving energy significantly. That not only means saving our budget, but also means saving the environment in the long run,’ explains Alexander Schmidt on behalf of the club.

‘As the purple shimmering light is directed exclusively to the ground, it doesn’t affect the flora and fauna around the field. The animals in the green belt are not affected.’

’Achieving a firm and dense grass pitch is a science by itself. Rhenac GreenTec has found the key to unlock the secret to a quality pitch and provides the necessary tools simultaneously.’

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