This breakthrough pitch management system is integrated into the stadium’s architectural structure, and powered by LED light technology.

The R-BL system is a fully automated system that includes LED lighting for grass growth, an irrigation and fungus-blocking function. On demand, a liquid fertilizer function can be added.

It is designed for high end stadiums to cover half a pitch (3,500m2) or a complete pitch (7,000m2) without touching the natural turf.

Why is the Rhenac LED lighting the future for grass and root growth?

  • excellent turf quality in all conditions worldwide: we can create the perfect light spectrum for ideal grass growth, not only growth in length but also in density for stronger grass and stronger roots
  • the LED lighting works on 100% natural pitches and hybrid pitches
  • considerably less energy consumption than the traditional HPS lamps
  • quick return on investment (to be calculated in detail for every specific project)
  • no unnecessary added heat because LED light is cold light, so less stress on the grass when temperatures are high enough for natural grass growth
  • when temperatures are too low for natural grass growth, our Infra-Red light function will switch on automatically

Cold light

LED is a cold light source, this means that it does not emit heat towards the turf, which is beneficial for energy saving and it also avoids stressing the grass when the outside temperatures do not require extra heat.

Especially in warm countries this is welcomed because extra heat causes unnecessary stress to the grass. Only when the outside temperature slows down or stops natural grass growth will extra heat by added through the Infra-Red lights that switch on/off automatically (when below or above the required temperature).


The Infra-Red (IR) heat units measure grass leaf temperature without contact and regulate the heat source when needed to provide the leaf temperature with the minimum temperature required for good lawn growth.

The IR heating system is also freely programmable. The installed light controllers are preassembled ex works with programs that were developed and tested in joint research with the Technical University of Munich.

Anti-fungal program

Our LED systems already have a fungal prevention program that makes it possible to reduce fungal spreading on the lawn at an early stage.
Reduced fungal infestation allows the lawn to thrive without stress, and groundsmen can reduce the use of fungicides on lawns, and that is reducing the cost of care and protecting the environment.

Remote access / Cloud-based

Finally, our systems are equipped with remote access and Cloud-Based solutions to provide service and support from any place at any time.

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